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We collect data throughout the year. However, most of our customers submit their data during the second quarter of the year. Some of our customers will begin working on their budgeting process during the third quarter of the year, therefore we encourage data to be submitted no later than the end of August.

The Benchmark Compensation Survey provides salary data at the National, Regional, State and City level. Purchasers of this survey can be non-participants. The survey’s compensation data can be filtered by property type, such as: Limited/Select Service, Full Service, Vacation Ownership and Casino/Hotel.

For the PeerMark™ Compensation Survey customers must submit data for their own property before accessing their competitors’ results. The latter are compiled from competitors geographically located in the customer’s own specific metropolitan area. The results can also be filtered by property types (Limited Service Hotels, Full Service Hotels, Vacation Ownership, Casino/Hotels). In addition, the PeerMark™ allows the customers to select individual properties to be included in each of their market reports.

No. We do not accept payment over the phone. But you can pay with a credit card on our website. (Link Inserted)
Please contact our main line at: 888-330-9243 or email: sales@wagewatch.com/custserv@wagewatch.com
Your Credit Card information, invoice # and the user name ID of the primary subscriber.
No. If the primary user is no longer there, please contact us at 888-330-9243 to designate a new primary user.
For Individual property submissions – within 2 business days, for Corporate submissions – within one week.
Benchmark survey requires NO data submission. PeerMark™ survey DOES require data submissions.
Yes. You must use one of our excel templates to fill out and submit your data. Templates can be downloaded from your online account (insert link), or contact us at custserv@wagewatch.com to get one.
Corporate accounts are created for data submission and report access for all properties managed/owned by the Parent Company. An individual account (basic account) is a subscription for one property.
For our Hospitality and Gaming Industries surveys, we have over 9,000 properties in our database of which between 5,000 to 6,000 properties participate each year. This includes Full-Service Hotels, Limited Service Hotels, Resorts, Vacation Ownership, and Casinos.

The Benchmark survey is based on data submitted during the calendar year.

The PeerMark™ survey uses a rolling-year type of data collection. Thus the PeerMark™ survey has the most recent/current data submitted by each participant, which is less than one year. As an example, the wage data in the 2017 PeerMark™ survey includes wage data from 2017 or 2016. The 2016 data is replaced when the new 2017 data is received from the subscriber and can legally be uploaded. The date for each participant’s data is displayed when a competitive set is being created for generating a report, so you know how old the data is. This is a feature other surveys do not have. They do not disclose how old the data is. It may be from the prior year.

You can have your password reset by clicking login followed by clicking Forgot Password, or by calling our direct line at: 888-330-9243.

A sub-user account is established by a primary account holder (primary user). The primary user can extend various levels of access to their sub-users. For example, a primary account holder such as a general manager or a corporate level user may give access to all or certain jobs for reports and for entering data to sub-users. The primary user can add, delete or modify sub-users’ access at any time.

The median (also known as the 50th percentile or midpoint) is the wage rate that half of your competitors are paying less than and the other half are paying more than. For example, if the Midpoint for a Maintenance Technician is $18/h., that means 50% of your competitors are paying less than $18/h and the other 50% of your competitors are paying more than $18/h.
Percentiles work the same way as the Median (see above[link included]), which is itself the 50th percentile. Other common percentiles are the 10th, 25th, 75th and the 90th percentile.
No, per the Department of Justice Antitrust Guidance for Human Resource Professionals, no one can get access to the wage data for one specific competitor. The data MUST be aggregated for at least 5 different properties, where no one property’s data represents more than 25% of the total.
If you’ve chosen the legal minimum of 5 competitors, chances are that not all 5 competitors have provided data for all the positions you have selected.Therefore, some of the positions will be locked (displayed as red). In situations like this, we recommend choosing more than the required minimum or selecting competitors for each position through the advanced report feature (What is the difference between the standard report and advanced report features). In order to comply with the DOJ Guidelines, choosing only 5 competitors will limit the data displayed in the report to the medians and the averages for the positions selected.
It represents the set of all competitors that you pick from your preassigned geographical city market area to have their wage data pulled from the WageWatch database and serve as the basis for your reports.
In this situation, contact WageWatch and a Data Analyst will run a complimentary custom GEO report for you.
A custom GEO report draws data from WageWatch’s National Data and is further filtered by facility type (full service, limited service and casino properties). The data is adjusted using, the Economic Research Institute (ERI) Assessor Series tool, which localizes the relative wage scales to the user’s assigned City Market.
There are 2 conditions that must be satisfied: 1. As part of your PeerMark™ survey participation, you’ve submitted data for that job title. 2. When running the PeerMark™ survey, you’ve tried expanding your Competitors’ Dataset to the maximum and the position is still locked. As a current customer you can request a GEO report if you are researching positions (or multiple positions) you don’t currently have at your property or for a property not yet open.
No. There are no extra fees for custom GEO reports.
A City Market is a geographical area, typically defined by the Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) in which your property is located. Some City Markets have been expanded to include additional facilities outside of the MSA that are classified as competitors in the local area.
Please contact our main phone line and ask to be transferred to one of our data analysts or email custserve@wagewatch.com.
Please contact our main phone line and ask to be transferred to one of our data analysts or email custserve@wagewatch.com
It is an annual subscription for the calendar year.
No one can access your data. Rather your wages will be compiled as part of an aggregated dataset in compliance with Department of Justice Guidelines (Link to Privacy Policy).
We do not collect any personally identifiable information.
For hospitality, we collect wage and pay practices data for limited service hotels, full service hotels, resorts, vacation ownership and gaming/casino properties. We also have a separate wage survey for the Healthcare sector that includes hospitals and clinics.
It asks for information pertaining to your property as a whole. (e.g. Number of Rooms, Number of Employees, Annual Revenue, Turnover Rates, Shift Differentials, Pay Increase method, etc.). Most questions in this section are not mandatory.
It asks for information pertaining to your property as a whole. (e.g. Number of Rooms, Number of Employees, Annual Revenue, Turnover Rates, Shift Differentials, Pay Increase method, etc.). Most questions in this section are not mandatory.
Yes, log into your account and on the home page choose “Enter Data”. In the “Select Method”, choose the “Online” option and follow the prompted steps. Editing data does not affect your subscription terms or the pricing. To change the effective date, please call our main phone line or emailus custserve@wagewatch.com
Please contact our main phone line and ask to be transferred to a data analyst or email custserve@wagewatch.com . You must submit certain general information about the facility. (e.g., property name, address, a temporary contact person, the type of property, etc.). An active PeerMark™ survey subscription is required.
The “STARTING RATE” refers to the rate at which a prospective employee would be hired. The “CURRENT BASE PAY” is the rate being paid presently to an existing employee. This is typically greater than the “STARTING RATE”.
Our excel templates have a separate tab describing our position titles as well as displaying their respective Job IDs.
Yes, we have the Canadian market.
Canadian data is expressed in Canadian dollars.
Yes, we have a separate Healthcare Sector wage survey presently covering Arizona, Colorado and Oregon.
You can e-mail a completed Excel template file directly to: upload@wagewatch.com
WageWatch, Inc. is in Arizona, which is always Mountain Standard Time (MST).
The hours are Mon-Fri, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm MST.
For individual property submissions there are 2 ways of obtaining it: 1. You can request a template by calling our main line at 888-330-9243. 2. Log into your account and under the “Enter Comp Data” section click “Enter Data”. Choose “Excel” option from the “Select Method” field, then click “Download Excel Worksheet”. For a corporate submission template data file package, please contact us directly at 888-330-9243 or email custserve@wagewatch.com .
No, you can submit your data files before your account is paid.
Yes, the Benchmark survey report does not require data submission.
No, we presently do not compile benefits surveys.
The Standard Report will provide a map of all properties in your local market from which to select a set of competitors for all job titles for which you are running the report. The Advanced Report will provide a list of jobs titles with the number of competitors in the city market who submitted data for each job title. The Standard Report is quicker to run, while the Advanced Report requires more detail as you to select competitors for each job title.