Consulting Services

Whether your company is in transition, entering a new market, or simply doesn’t have time to keep its salary structure up-to-date, our consulting services will provide comprehensive guidance and maintenance for your compensation structure.

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Situations That Your Company May Be Experiencing:

The PeerMark™ report allows our survey participants to build their own competitive sets, select from a list of 500+ job titles, and quickly generate a market variance report for the participant’s local market. For the more demanding and complex data needs, WageWatch consultants are there to build custom reports to meet your requirements. We will work with you to define your report specifications to build the reports that serve your needs. WageWatch consultants are your data partners who run the reports for you, saving you time and energy. You get the data in the format you need, when you need it.
Custom reports solve many compensation problems. We can build multi-market competitive sets across multiple locations. These may be niche markets in highly competitive hyper segments or broad multi-city or state benchmarks for management companies entering new markets. Custom reports can also be powerful resources for developing union defense strategies, pricing management and executive positions, pricing jobs in rural markets with few competitors, segmenting markets into micro markets, and blending markets into macro markets.
WageWatch has been a leader in designing and conducting compensation surveys for 15 years. Our surveys for the hospitality, gaming, and healthcare industries have been recognized as the best available in the markets we serve for over a decade. When your company enters a new market for the first time, WageWatch consultants bring that knowledge and insight to you. We offer in-depth market analyses specifically for entering new markets. We provide all key statistics and tailor the analysis to your compensation strategy. We study local market conditions, cost of labor issues, labor environment, and use our local market expertise to prepare you for entering a new market.
Change can be challenging and demanding. With over 9,000 properties in our lodging compensation database, 150 casinos, and 100 hospitals, we regularly see properties being acquired, divested, and re-branded. Consolidations are occurring at a rapid pace in the healthcare industry as well with hospitals buying physician groups and primary care practices. There are numerous human resource concerns to address every time a property changes hands. WageWatch consultants can guide you through the process of integrating two or more compensation models, rebalancing grades and ranges, examining internal equities between plan documents, developing a market-based approach to resolving inconsistencies, and helping you along the way with all your transition needs.
Any time a property undergoes a significant operational or capital change there will likely be an impact on the workforce. Property expansions and reductions often create new jobs and consolidate other job titles. An example of an expansion would be a hotel offering new amenities and services such as a golf course, restaurant, retail shops, and spa and wellness center. The expansion could accompany a strategic shift to become a destination resort or increase the star/diamond rating of the property. In healthcare, a hospital may open new clinics, laboratories, or urgent care facilities. When these changes occur, WageWatch consultants will analyze the compensation impact of these organizational changes with an internal equity and external competitiveness analysis. Our analysis is full service. In addition to the compensation review, our consultants can help with FLSA classifications, hybrid jobs, writing job descriptions, mapping new organization charts, and crafting employee communications.
Your compensation structure formalizes the pay strategy of your company. It maps out your competitive position in the marketplace. As market wages change over time, your compensation structure becomes less reliable. Let WageWatch consultants handle your annual structure analysis and any resulting adjustments in order to maintain your market position. Updated grades and ranges protect your organization’s ability to compete in the marketplace for talent.
As the economy continues to improve, we expect to see more pressure put on salary budgets and merit increases in order to meet rising demand for talent. Our consultants can work with you to get the balance right on budgeted wage increases and their relationship with structure adjustments. When wage increases and adjustments are made, often other potential concerns are uncovered such as wage compression and paying out of range. WageWatch consultants are here to offer comprehensive guidance on your structure maintenance and adjustment requirements.